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        Mucosis B.V. is a clinical stage Dutch biotechnology company developing innovative mucosal vaccines that can be applied needle-free via the nose or mouth. Mucosis’s lead product candidate is SynGEM®, an intranasal vaccine to prevent respiratory syncytial virus infection. Our vaccines are based on the patented and validatedMimopath® technology. This technology enables a more natural immune response as well as a broad base of protection as was seen in our proof-of-concept animal and human studies of our FluGEM® vaccine candidate.

        The Mucosis Mimopath® technology is a plug- and play vaccine platform that addresses the innate immune system through Toll-like receptor 2 (TLR2) to activate the adaptive immune system. This mechanism efficiently evokes immune responses that engage disease-causing pathogens at their port of entry, the mucosal layers of the body. Uniquely, our technology is built on particles that not only elicit a strong and robust systemic immune response, but also a strong local immune response in mucosal layers in the nose, airways, gut and other places in the body.

        The core of the Mimopath® technology is the Bacterium-Like Particle (BLP). The BLPs are safe and derived from food-grade bacteria. There are two modes of application of the BLPs. The first is an Add & Mix approach in which the immune stimulating properties of the BLPs are used to improve existing vaccines and to enable a mucosal route of administration. The second is a Bound approach in which the BLPs not only act as immunostimulant but also as a carrier for the subunit antigen(s). The binding of the antigens is achieved by a linker domain called Protanthat binds to the surface of the BLPs.

        Mimopath®-based vaccines were used by our scientists and collaborators who demonstrated in animal models that Mimopath®-based vaccines are protective against live parasites (malaria) viruses (influenza, hepatitis B) and bacteria (Streptococcus pneumonia, Yersinia pestis). Mimopath®-based vaccines were shown to be effective both as injectable and mucosal formats and in addition, proved to be highly effective in stimulation of the neonatal immune system. This forms the basis for a broad application of this new and innovative vaccine technology.

        Ramirez K , Ditamo Y, Rodriguez L, Picking WL, Roosmalen ML van, Leenhouts K, Pasetti MF. Neonatal mucosal immunization with a non-living, non-genetically modified Lactococcus lactis vaccine carrier induces systemic and local Th1-type immunity and protects against lethal bacterial infection. Mucosal Immunol. 2010; 3:159–171.